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Mauer Tour by Berlin on Bike

Tour Berlin on Bike during the anniversary year of the fall of the Wall

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30 years later – The Fall of the Wall

1989 was a pivotal year for German history, even more so for Berliners. In November after 28 years separating kids from grandparents, lovers and friends, after more than 1,000 people being killed at the border, thousands more being incarcerated, abused both physically and psychologically, after decades without free speech or elections, without the freedom to travel, the border regime of the GDR was toppled by brave men and women taking to the streets and soldiers who were just as brave not giving in to the siren song of their guns – and nobody died.

Not even a year later, the whole country was gone – subsumed into the Federal Republic. Over the coming 23 months, we will try to make the whole process a little more understandable by posting regular updates about what happened #otd 30 years earlier.

We have made our Mauerfall-Chronik bilingual, produced a number of videos with eyewitness accounts and created new blog posts for the most important events. Minor day-to-day incidents will be shared on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtags #FallOfTheWall and #30YearsLater.

If you have your own story to tell from 1989/90, a crazy, sad, interesting GDR-anecdote or want to contribute in any other way, don’t hesitate to drop Sascha a line at [email protected]

About Us

The inland border with its most visible sign, the Berlin Wall, has long been a focal point of our city bike tours. This year, we are honouring the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall with a special program of tours.

Many of our own guides were a part of this history; as witnesses to the opening of the border in 1989 on Bornholmer Strasse, as refugees through the Hungarian border or as “unwanted elements” discarded by the GDR before the collapse of the system.

The painter of the famous “Bruderkuss” on the Eastside Gallery Wall, Dmitry Vrubel, will also accompany us for some events.

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Ein Fahrrad auf durchsichtigem Hintergrund

The tour is really nice and very comfortable. Tour guide is excellent. All in all, service is very good!

– Robert G., TripAdvisor
Ein Fahrrad auf durchsichtigem Hintergrund
Two Tours in One Day

Took the wall tour and then the East Berlin Tour two hours later! The first Tour I took was so good, that I immediately booked for a second one just after a lunch break. Both guides knew there city!

– Michael S., TripAdvisor
Ein Fahrrad auf durchsichtigem Hintergrund
One of the best ways to see Berlin

Wonderful Berlin City Bike Tour. Highly recommended anyone who likes the outdoors along with learning about the history of Berlin to take this tour. It was by far one of the most fun and interesting things that I have done while in Berlin!

– Amanda P., TripAdvisor
Ein Fahrrad auf durchsichtigem Hintergrund
The perfect way to discover Berlin

Very interesting tour of the city with comfortable bikes and a friendly, experienced guide. It’s a great way to visit the main attractions of the city with detailed explanations. Strongly recommended!

– Alice B., TripAdvisor
Ein Fahrrad auf durchsichtigem Hintergrund
Fantastic - a must when in Berlin

An amazing way to see so many sights in the city. What a fantastic tour guide we had - funny, friendly and very knowledgeable about each sight we visited. Would highly recommend when in Berlin!

– Emma P., TripAdvisor
Ein Fahrrad auf durchsichtigem Hintergrund
Just perfect

We were on a tour to see street-art. Our guide was very competent and showed us very interesting spots and was a great at story-teller. Thanks again for the perfect afternoon!

– Wiebke K., TripAdvisor