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The inland border with its most visible sign, the Berlin Wall, has always been a focal point of our bike tours. We are honouring the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall with a special program of tours. A particular highlight will be our Eyewitness Tour.

Many of our guides were a part of this history; as witnesses to the opening of the border in 1989 on Bornholmer Strasse, as refugees through the Hungarian border or as “unwanted elements” discarded by the GDR before the collapse of the system.

The painter of the famous “Bruderkuss” on the Eastside Gallery Wall, Dmitry Vrubel, will also accompany us for some events.

Submerge yourself into this rousing chapter of our recent past and experience history up close with a guided bike tour, by foot or on the waterways. Even with this most serious of topics, our guided tours put the fun in the foreground. In a relaxed tempo, we move through Berlin’s flat city landscape.

Different stops at the most important sites during that summer of system change give us plenty of opportunities to catch our breath, take photos and ask questions.

Our well-informed guides will happily orientate themselves toward your specific needs and knowledge levels and are quite happy to make complex themes entertaining and understandable for children and youth.

The fall of the Berlin Wall

Accompanying this, we will recount in our chronicle of the fall of the Berlin Wall the events of spring 1989 through November 1989 up to the demise of the GDR and the actual reunification in October 1990 on the basis of pictures, videos, and texts.

At that time everything went very fast and not only the politics ran after the events, also the people in Berlin and the rest of Germany scarcely knew what happened to you.

Since then, historians, city guides and local round tables have been trying to explain this single successful revolution on German soil and to evaluate the consequences.

Even today, East and West are still fighting over mutual understanding – Berlin on Bike is part of this process, and we are proud to bring the history of divided and reunited Berlin to thousands of guests every year. Especially interesting, many of these guests are pupils, born after the fall of the Berlin Wall and get a first real connection to the GDR and the Berlin history around November 1989.